Are colored contacts really bad?

Colored contacts have always been the most wanted item on a girl’s list. But trust me, these days men and boys are equally into changing the looks of their eyes. There are a number of companies and outlets from where one can buy colored contacts. Not only this, there are wholesale dealers operating online in e-markets. These dealers will simply deliver the contacts at your doorstep and the deals are usually in bundles. The bundles are actually comprised of every possible color and style you can choose from. The cost of delivery is usually a nominal mount if you live within a certain diameter of the seller. The ease of electronic transfers has simply not known any bounds. However, essentially, these are called non prescription colored contacts. This means, you do not require any prescription from your doctor while placing an order online.

Similarly, you do not have to show your prescription at the shop or outlet from which you plan to buy colored lenses. Reasons for buying non prescription colored contacts are primarily circumscribed upon opportunity costs principle of going to the doctor. There are chances that doctor may become a hurdle in the way of your beauty contest or a flirting spree with your boyfriend. Therefore, you may succumb to the idea of buying non prescription colored contacts. No doubt, non prescription colored contacts come in easy and cheap packaging and not all non prescription colored contacts are bad. All you need to take care of is the time limit to expiry that these contacts show up on their bottles. Other than the expiry date, you need to look at the manufacturing date and ensure that the seal is in intact. Do not go to places, which have fire, heated utensils or direct sunshine while wearing these contact lenses. Because they are usually of low quality, they tend to stick to your eyeballs.

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