How Inner Energy Secrets Can Be Your Key To Eliminating Stress

What if you could just close your eyes and let your body guide you to a state of confidence, determination and strength. What if you could go from feeling stress, afraid or depressed to a state of power and awareness, anytime any place. Now you can.

Research shows that when we experience high levels of stress we become agitated and reactive. When we are able to activate our right brain and effectively have a whole brain experience we triumph.

For the past ten years Erik Valdman at the Human Energy Reserves Center in Toronto, Canada, was researching the body and mind connection to human performance. The results which are based on over 7,000 case studies closely coincided with many other scientific evidence showing direct connection between the activity of the right brain or lack of it, with feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Since 1999 Erik Valdman has been teaching an Active Inner Energy Meditation which has proven to almost instantly change the practitioners life’s perspective from reducing stress and feeling afraid or depressed to a state of self confidence, power and awareness.

Without the need to meditate by sitting in a lotus posture. Without the need to focus, clear your mind or repeat a mantra. Without even the need for a quiet place. Truly effortless. Erik’s students practice Inner Energy Secrets active form of meditation in the subway on their way to work, at the office or at home.

“It takes fifteen minutes and you have your confidence and power back” says one of the students.

Inner Energy Secrets is based on integrating ancient knowledge and modern science. It’s goal is simple, receive high levels of inner energy and than simply rely on your body’s abilities to awaken the self regulatory mechanism to overcome your emotional challenges such as helplessness, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, and depression. We all have those abilities, but do not know how to access them yet.

The truth is that Inner Energy Secrets does much more than to reduce stress, bring inner peace and calmness. In as little as a week, most students discover something very interesting, their life perspective begins to change. Other people begin to notice a difference and life quickly takes a turn in the right direction.

“In Inner Energy Secrets we have much greater goal than simply to relax, relaxation and inner power becomes a mere byproduct of a sudden awakening of our hidden potential, everyone has it…learn to awaken your inner power, or live your life struggling, it’s your choice” … Erik Valdman

Erik has been researching and teaching “Inner Energy Secrets” & “Self Regulation Meditation” for both Adults and Kids for almost ten years. He will guide us towards awakening our hidden inner potential.

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