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It is not my intent to anger people but I would not censor myself or pretend to be p.c. to avoid hurting any feelings. The following is my opinion and how I feel. If it bothers you don’t read it. I am completely opposed to any war. War is such a primitive way of settling a dispute. It is a massive waste of life, time, and money; not to mention the physical and mental scars suffered by those directly and indirectly involved. What really makes me livid is the fact that the wars that are being fought now and the previous Gulf War were marketed to soldiers and the country as a fight for freedom and people bought it. I am sorry but when was the last time America’s freedom was threatened? And no 9/11 was not an attack on our freedom that’s just more sensationalism that we were fed. I believe it was The War of 1812.

The wars in our recent years have been solely based on oil acquisition. Iraqi freedom, terrorism, WMDs…NO. All of those sound like valid reasons for a war to most people. It gave those who are in the military a sense of valor and pride and the country’s support. It angers me, the ease in which our government was able to brainwash such a large amount of the population! It sickened me to see all of this God Bless America, Support our Troops, Proud Parent of a Marine…crap. I care about the people who are fighting this war and the families who lost their children in this battle. I do not support what they are doing. I think the statement God Bless America is self righteous. For one it should be God Bless The World and secondly it suggests that Jesus and or God support this war?! That is ridiculous.

War is not only a primitive way of settling things but to me its legal murder. Say your child was involved in a fight at school over money and it resulted in their death. Or perhaps a loved one got caught in the crossfire of a gang related territorial dispute. You would want justice for them right? War is the same thing just on a much larger scale. When a murder is committed here in the US punishment usually follows. It just blows my mind that to kill in war is OK and that includes so many innocents caught in the crossfire. But those who have loved ones involved in this war are losing them in vain. I know it is the popular belief that the sacrifice of their lives was an honorable one, defending their country. It was a waste of life even though their intentions were good.

Have you seen the commercials for the Army, Navy, Marines etc…? They attempt to glamorize the war by showing appealing things like flying jets and even blowing up cars. This type of advertising, which mainly appeals to young men, paints a picture that the military is going to be a lot of fun. I am sure there are moments that are fun, but the majority of military life during a war is essentially hell on earth. This new angle of gathering recruits must be pretty effective. This combined with the brainwashing that they are freedom fighters should keep us from reinstating the draft for a long time.

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