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More Than 150 Different Types Of Massages Many people want an effective way of becoming relaxed to ease the strain and tensions that slow down the human body and one way of doing so is to get a massage, which is a way of applying structured pressure, either manually or by mechanical means to the tissues (not hard) of the body which may include the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, joints and ligaments and get some benefit from doing so. Massage is a type of therapy that can be applied either to certain parts of the body or to the entire body. In order to relieve stress caused by psychological reasons, or to heal injuries or to take care of hurting areas or to improve the circulation of the blood, this therapy is a proven method of achieving beneficial relief and when one is given for obtaining physical and psychological relief, it is often called therapeutic massage therapy and even manipulative therapy. Giving a massage has become a thriving business and, in its commercial avatar, the techniques of the therapy have evolved continuously and generally imply that the customer lies down on a table or on a mattress on the floor or even on a mattress chair, and except for Thai and Barefoot Deep Tissue massages, the customer is stripped off all of his clothes and draped with just a towel while getting his or her therapy done because unclothing of the customer is known to keep the body warm during the therapy.

While getting oneself a massage, there can be a certain degree of sexual arousal shown by the customer and this is due to the fact that all contact being made is on the mostly naked body, but this is mostly unintentional and not the purpose of giving this type of therapy. There are two methods of giving a massage and the first is to lie the customer on his back with his face pointing up while the second part involves the customer rolling over face down. In addition, the customer should be as relaxed as possible for this therapeutic therapy to take good effect. One of the essential requirements to obtaining an effective massage is to communicate the type required including those for relaxation or for pain relief or a full body massage or massage specific areas of the body as well as specifying the amount of pressure to apply and even inform the masseur about any past medical conditions. All these are important to getting an effective massage and since there are more than 150 different types available, the choices are plenty.

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