Relief For Acute Back Aches

The number of individuals who suffer from back pain and aches in unbelievable. For many, the pain is so bad they have to take measures to find some relieve. They often look to a massage chair. The lower back is the area that is most often afflicted with aches and pains. As a result, the upper body muscles may suffer as well. There are several recommended back pain relief options including pain medications and bed rest. Recent studies show bed rest really isnít a good solution. New scientific studies show a massage chair can be helpful for curing back aches. Some people are hesitant to switch from the old traditional methods, but more and more people are trying massage chairs. Those who try one have great things to say about them. The American Medical Association released a study in April of 2001. This study is called the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study shows massage chairs give premium relief to those who suffer from chronic back pain. There are also no side effects to deal with. Most of the individuals who have tried massage chair therapy have found it to be very beneficial.

This is a greater percentage of positive results than other means of relief for back ache and pain. For those individuals who have not found much relief in traditional forms of treatment should try massage chair therapy. The scientific studies have shown it as a proven method for reducing chronic back aches. Heating the area of pain can be beneficial, but not as effective as massage chair therapy. To further alleviate back pain, make sure you sit properly while at work and at home. The massage chair reclines horizontally to help relieve back pain. This is accomplished by taking pressure off the back, loosening the muscles, reducing tissue adhesion, and improving blood pressure. Some companies are going as far as to install massage chairs in the workplace. The brands are great quality including Sterling, Keyton, Sanyo, and HTT. These companies are investing in the massage chairs to help reduce the amount of time lost at work due to back aches and pains. It is anticipated that it will reduce the amount of employees missing work for such reasons and well as reduce the amount of medications the employees take. Work time is often lost due to side effects from medications.

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