Beer is already recognised for a long time by experts a product by necessary for the person because in it those substances which are required to our organism contain: water, fibers, vitamins, biopower elements. Certainly, at beer there is an alcohol so, it is an alcoholic drink with all conclusions following from it and consequences. But the alcohol maintenance in beer, in comparison with other alcoholic drinks, low. Modern scientific researches show, that such concentration and reasonable doses of reception of beer give antistressful effect, strengthen a circulation, reduce risk of warm diseases. Beer – the unique drink, bitter which hop additives not only are pleasant on taste, but also have on the person abirritating an effect, and also promote digestion. In addition, using beer, you receive still vegetative starchy bonds which promote digestion and gastric juice allocation. For the last few years besides anticarcinogen action of these elements is taped. Beer does not contain some Adepses (and medicine it welcomes), but thanks to containing in it ????????? it it is possible to name easy a source ????????? energies.

In some countries, for example to Germany, beer, especially with the low maintenance of alcohol, are recommended to use sportsmen as it instantly compensates energy after sports loads. From other useful properties of beer it is possible to notice that the foamy drink favourite in the people (Israelis prefer such grades as “Tuborg” and “Carlsberg”, and especially advanced – “Stella Artua “) promotes a rejuvenation of cells, renders soothing, abirritating and even disinfectant action. Doctors-gerontologists consider, that 1-2 mugs of a golden drink in day slow down ageing of an organism and reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. VPXL By researchers it has been taped, that among the men using to 1 l of beer in day, a mortality from ischemic illness of heart was more than three times more low, than at the persons avoiding the use of alcoholic drinks.

Certainly, it is impossible to ignore and an excess weight problem. Now there is an opinion, that beer consumption promotes augmentation of mass of a body and even is capable to lead to adiposity. But caloric content, for example, beer “Tuborg” which most part is provided with ethanol containing in it, averages 400-450 kcal/l that is less, for example, caloric contents of fruit juice or milk. Therefore beer from the point of view of power value cannot render essential influence on body mass. At the same time, beer concerns aperitifs, i.e. the drinks stimulating and raising appetite, and also improves digestion. From interesting effects of beer it is necessary to note its ability to enlarge a lactemia, i.e. development of milk at feeding women, as a result of intensifying of secretion of Prolactinum – a hormone which is responsible for quantity of milk. However for lactemia stimulation the use of beer containing alcohol is not recommended – nonalcoholic beer of “Malta” gives the same effect. Viagra Professional

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